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Klimb Dog Training Platform

Klimb Dog Training Platform

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KLIMB Dog Training System
Need a platform to help your dog learn faster?
See what this brings to the table.

Introducing the KLIMB Dog Training System - the ultimate solution for accelerating your dog's learning process. Discover how this innovative platform revolutionizes training:

Unlock Rapid Learning: KLIMB provides a dedicated space for your dog to concentrate, resulting in quicker comprehension and superior outcomes.

Professional Design, Proven Results: Developed by expert trainers, KLIMB offers a structured platform tailored for efficient learning and behavior modification.

Unmatched Convenience: Crafted from durable, washable materials, KLIMB's modular deck with removable legs ensures maximum convenience. Weighing just 14lbs, it's perfect for on-the-go training sessions.

Built for Durability: With a weight capacity of 500 lbs and UV stabilization for outdoor longevity, KLIMB is built to endure the rigors of training.

Customizable Configurations: Stack and connect multiple KLIMB platforms for limitless training possibilities. Plus, its proprietary PawGrip™ surface ensures secure footing in any scenario.

Elevate your dog's training experience with KLIMB - the essential tool for achieving faster, more effective results.

The professional training platform that gives your dog a place to focus.
Looks like a table…works like a charm. The KLIMB is the first professionally designed dog training platform that gives your dog “their place” to facilitate faster learning and better results. Tested and proven by experts, this system uses an elevated deck to give dogs a platform to exercise, focus and learn the skills to curb unwanted behaviors. 

Designed by dog training experts for:
Faster & Easier Learning 
A proven system that keeps dogs focused during training.
Maximum Convenience 
Made of durable, washable and modular deck with removable legs. 
Lightweight Performance 
Weighs only 14lbs for portable on-the-go training.
Built to Last
Weight rated to hold 500 lbs. 
UV stabilized to last a lifetime outdoors.
24x24x12 (with standard legs installed)
Connect and stack for unlimited configurations 
Proprietary PawGrip™ surface for sure footing

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