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Whether you’re looking for your next hunting partner or simply a quality, intelligent companion to share your life with, we have a dog for you. With over 20 Years of Training and Breeding experience, we’re committed to providing you, and your future hunting or home companion, a quality relationship that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Here are the top services we offer:

  • Training & Boarding
    30, 60 and 90 Day Training Programs Available
  • World-Class Puppies
    Specializing in World Class German Shorthair Pointers
  • Training Tools
    The same tools and methods we use every day


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Welcome to the Birddoggin' podcast where we talk all things bird dog and upland hunting. Jared Moss has been training bird dogs professionally for over 20 years and owns Best Gundogs in Utah. This podcast is designed to help you build your dog up to have a successful career as a hunting or family companion dog. Jared gives you the insight and tools he's gained during his experience as a trainer and serving happy clients all over the United States. From starting a puppy out right to more advanced bird dog training, Jared will cover it all on this podcast! We hope that you'll subscribe and follow along with us!

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