Our Dogs

After many years of being out in the field training different breeds of gun dogs I quickly discovered what type of dog I wanted to be hunting behind - German Shorthaired Pointers. After hours and hours of studying pedigrees, researching blood lines, Flying to Kennels, Driving across the country, and talking with breeders all over the country I was able to build a kennel which holds the best lines of gun dogs in the west. The genetics we have in our kennel are proven to give you dogs that will serve as loving companions and family dogs, but once in the field they are full of drive and are able to naturally find, point, and retrieve birds; providing you with an enjoyable hunting experience.
  1. World Class Genetics - Only the finest dogs are bred
  2. Natural Hunters - Find, Point and Retrieve Birds
  3. Loving Companions - Great with Kids and in the home