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Garmin PRO 550

Garmin PRO 550

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Intuitive, 1-handed Training of Up to 3 Dogs

  • Train up to 3 dogs at a time (additional dog devices required; purchase separately)
  • 21 levels of continuous and momentary stimulation and vibration and tone settings
  • Up to 1 mile range
  • Built-in BarkLimiter operated on the dog device
  • Remote operation of beacon lights on dog device
PRO 550

Unlock the power of advanced training with the PRO 550, featuring proven Tri-Tronics® technology for serious professionals. With easy access to 21 levels of momentary and continuous stimulation, tone, and the ability to swiftly switch between 3 dogs, the PRO 550 offers unparalleled versatility.

Additionally, enjoy vibration and tone settings, along with remotely operated beacon lights on the dog device for improved visibility in low-light conditions. For added functionality, consider integrating the Upland™ Beeper (sold separately). Plus, with a built-in BarkLimiter activated on the dog device, maintain peace and quiet at home effortlessly. Elevate your training game with the PRO 550 today!

Classic, Rugged Design

Choose from 21 levels of continuous and momentary stimulation, tone, and vibration for up to 3 dogs at a time.

Experience the reliability of the tried and true tube-shaped design with the PRO 550, beloved by trainers worldwide. Designed for one-handed operation, mastering this device is a breeze, allowing you to maintain constant vigilance over your dog. Easily switch between stimulation levels and dogs without missing a beat.

The intuitive stimulation level/vibrate selection dial at the top of the transmitter ensures seamless operation, while controls for tone, beacon lights, and the beeper are conveniently located on the face of the handheld unit. With control buttons ergonomically aligned for fingertip control, training becomes effortless.

Plus, with a 2 ½-inch fixed transmitter antenna, say goodbye to worries about lost or broken antennas while enjoying a communication range of up to 1 mile. Elevate your training experience with the PRO 550 today!

Train with Stimulation and Tone


With the PRO 550, you have the flexibility to choose from 21 levels of continuous and momentary stimulation, tone, and vibration, catering to up to 3 dogs simultaneously (additional dog devices sold separately). Experience added convenience with remote operation of LED beacon lights integrated into the dog device, as well as the option to incorporate an accessory beeper (available for purchase separately), aiding in locating your dog in low-light conditions. Elevate your training sessions with the PRO 550 today!

Built-in BarkLimiter

Experience the convenience of the built-in BarkLimiter feature in the PRO 550, activated seamlessly by the dog device. Utilizing Autorise technology, BarkLimiter automatically adjusts correction to the optimal level required to deter unwanted barking. Enjoy hassle-free training sessions and maintain a tranquil environment with the PRO 550.

Tough, Water-resistant, Long-lasting

Designed to withstand the rigors of training and hunting, both the transmitter and the dog device collar featured in the PRO 550 are built tough to endure blows, bumps, and harsh conditions. The dog device is equipped with two sizes of removable, stainless, insulated contact points, ensuring reliable performance even in wet conditions while offering extended comfort for your furry companion. Additionally, the dog device boasts a water rating of 1 ATM (10 meters), providing peace of mind during water-based activities.

The PRO 550 transmitter itself holds a water rating of IPX7, ensuring durability in challenging environments. Both transmitter and dog device are powered by long-lasting, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, with a convenient battery life indicator to alert you when it's time to recharge. Experience durability and reliability with the PRO 550 for uninterrupted training sessions.

Collar Pairing

The color-coded dog selection switch on the PRO 550 handheld allows you to determine which dog is receiving correction. Pairing the dogs’ collar color to the color of the selection switch helps you keep track of which dog is receiving stimulation or tone. Additional 3/4 inch polyurethane-coated accessory collars are sold separately.

¹Additional dog device collars required; purchase separately.

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