Best Started Dogs For Sale

Fine Started Dogs For Sale.

What is a started adult dog? Our definition of a started dog has a foundation of basic obedience training, loading & unloading in a vehicle/crate, pointing birds steady to wing, retrieving, and accustomed to gun fire.

How do we start a dog? We use live bobwhite quail and wild-caught pigeons in our gun dog training to ensure that your dog is ready to go hunting. Often we compete with our started dogs in AKC hunt tests and club fun hunts to gauge their progress in the bird dog training process.

What you get? Our goal is to deliver a dog that you can take to the field and have a enjoyable experience hunting. These dogs will have all the tools and training needed to help you put birds in the bag. All they lack is a couple of hunting seasons under their belt.

We also offer started puppies for sale they also receive bird training, gun training, and are well socialized. They will need a little more training to hunt with. Check with us to see about our started adult dogs and started puppies.

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