Thyme X FC/AFC Coupe

2013 Litter : Thyme X FC/AFC Coupe Litter Whelped June 11th, Puppies go home August 6th, 2013 We are now accepting deposits on this litter there are 2 Male and 3 Females in the litter. We will give pick in order that we receive deposits.

Dam: Thyme

Thyme Thyme (Waycool's Pop N Off Again X FC AFC Stoney Hill's Jesse) View Pedigree Born: 06/25/2009
Female Picks: 1- Jessica P 2- Available 3- Available
$200 Deposit

Sire: FC/AFC Coupe

coupe small FC/AFC Coupe (FC Keg Creek Rising Cooper x FC/AFC Brandi's Hi-Tailyn Cheyanne) Full Pedigree Born: 05/03/2005
Male Picks: 1- Available 2- Available
$200 Deposit

The Thyme and Coupe puppies are looking real nice already carrying quail all over the place going to be great hunting dogs! GSP Puppies working Quail GSP Puppies working Quail GSP Puppies working Quail