Vig on point

Finest Imported German Bloodlines

Proven German Shorthaired Stud Dog

Best Versatile Hunting Dog Producer

Stud Dog Testimonial: Jared, Julie and I are very pleased you decided to accept Vig into your program at Best Gun Dogs. We have had the extreme pleasure of owning Vig the past several years. During that time, we enjoyed a dog that was rock solid on point, and had a nose that found more birds than we could have hoped for. Vigs willingness to please is as strong as his drive to hunt. When it was time to evaluate Vigs offspring, we saw the same behaviors passed on to his pups. Easy to train and especially willing to retrieve back to hand. Many of Vigs pups have AKC recognition as high as master hunters. When it was time for the hunt to end, Vig new that now it’s back to being mans best friend. He was ready to hang out by the fire or rest on his pillow for the night. Vig has been a joy to us, and we hope you will find the same !! Brad and Julie Upland Hills Kennel Vig Pedigree