German Shorthaired Pointer

The German Shorthaired Pointer is my breed of choice. There versatility in the field and ability to be a faithful companion makes them an outstanding hunting dog choice. For people who love to hunt yet still want there dog to be a companion the German Shorthair pointer is hard to beat!
Best Gun Dogs would like to welcome Raim at stud! Raim brings to the table the versatile bloodlines of the German Shorthaired Pointer His sire is VC Sundance Revelation MH CGC UTI and his Dam is FRIEDELSHEIM'S DOMINUS DAISEY MH UT III. This brings to our kennel some of the most versatile dogs in the country! We truly enjoy working Raim in the field he handles so nicely and is such a great dog around the kennel. He is a true example of the German ideal temperament like a lab, swims like a lab, retrieves like a lab, points like a pointer and tracks like a hound. We are excited to be able to make these blood lines available to our clients.
Coupe is out of FC Keg Creeks Rising Cooper. Coupe obtained his FC prior to reaching his third birthday and his AFC before his forth birthday. Coupe was the RU in the 2007 NGSPA Rocky Mountain Championship Derby Classic. He has continued his trial career with success in broke dog stakes as well. Coupe is an outstanding bird finder that is picturesque on point. Coupe is now standing at stud at Best Gun Dogs in UT. Coupe Pedigree Here is some info about so of FC Keg Creek's Rising Cooper's get that are excelling in the competition world. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Vig Pedigree Hello Jared, Julie and I are very pleased you decided to accept Vig into your program at Best Gun Dogs. We have had the extreme pleasure of owning Vig the past several years. During that time, we enjoyed a dog that was rock solid on point, and had a nose that found more birds than we could have hoped for. Vigs willingness to please is as strong as his drive to hunt. When it was time to evaluate Vigs offspring, we saw the same behaviors passed on to his pups. Easy to train and especially willing to retrieve back to hand. Many of Vigs pups have AKC recognition as high as master hunters. When it was time for the hunt to end, Vig new that now it's back to being mans best friend. He was ready to hang out by the fire or rest on his pillow for the night. Vig has been a joy to us, and we hope you will find the same !! Brad and Julie Upland Hills Kennel

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Dozer is an outstanding dog! He has so much bird drive it makes him a pleasure to hunt behind and watch in the field. His sire in my opinion is one of the nicest dogs in the country. NSTRA Ch DC AFC GAMBLE’S ODYSSEY FRITZ MH UT II. Dozer is the complete package he hunts the terrain with a nice long gate easily adjusting his range to the cover. He Points with style and intensity. Carries himself with lots of class and confidence. Retrieves with a soft mouth right to hand. We are so excited to see how Dozer progresses and look forward to using him in our breeding program in the future. Pedigree
Pedigree for Luke Luke is one of my favorite dogs. He is one of our male German Shorthaired Pointers. From Day one Luke has been a natural. He has pointed, retrieved, and honored with no training. He is one of those dogs that you can just hunt right out of the box! He never barks in the kennel is always calm and collective. Once you let him go in the field he switches into a bird finding machine. It's his natural abilities and ease of training that have helped us decided to keep him in our kennel and use for future breeding. Were excited to see how he preforms in NSTRA this year.
Pedigree for Lacie Lacie has been a surprise from day one. She is one of our female German Shorthaired Pointers. Lacie is full of stlye and class. She is one of the dogs that always turns clients heads when we go to the field. She not only looks good but can hunt with the best of them. She has never been formally whoa trained yet would hold her points until the gun was fired she has done this all naturally from day one. Lacie has that no give up attitude and would hunt all day every day if you would allow her to. Once your back at the truck she knows how to turn it off and be your companion. We love her natural abilities and were excited to see how she does pheasant hunting this next year. She had such a great year in South Dakota this year.
Pedigree for Ruby Ruby is one of our female German Shorthaired Pointers. Ruby has been a breeze to train and loves to please. Her want to be with you demeanor and willing to please attitude make her a great companion. She is so good with my kids and wife they love to play with her. Ruby's field work takes no second seat to her great personality. She exceeds in the field as well. Pointing, retrieving and honoring all with very little training. She has some great style and her intensity on point is hard to match. We enjoy hunting behind her and she is a great guide dog. When the conditions are ruff she is one of our go to dogs for finding birds. She has a knack for finding birds no matter the conditions. Were excited to have her in our kennel.