Cash X Sage Litter January 2024

Introducing the Exceptional Puppy Litter of Spring 2024: Meet the Offspring of Cash and Sage!

Get ready for an exciting announcement that will surely warm your heart and light up your home! On March 20th, 2024, a remarkable litter of puppies will be available for pickup, marking the beginning of a new chapter filled with love, companionship, and boundless joy.

These adorable pups are the offspring of Cash and Sage, two beloved members of our breeding family. This isn't just any breeding - it's a three-time repeat breeding, and the results speak for themselves. The previous litters from Cash and Sage have produced outstanding puppies known for their athleticism, intelligence, and unwavering loyalty.


Meet Cash, the patriarch of our breeding program and a true embodiment of excellence. With roots tracing back to the esteemed No Mars line, Cash brings a legacy of athleticism, intelligence, and unwavering loyalty to every litter he sires. His impressive pedigree, combined with a touch of Hustler, makes him a standout in the world of breeding. But beyond his lineage, Cash is known for his gentle nature, boundless energy, and innate ability to connect with both humans and fellow canines. Whether he's out in the field or lounging at home, Cash's presence is truly remarkable, leaving an indelible mark on all who have the privilege of knowing him.
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Introducing Sage, the matriarch of our breeding family and a shining example of grace, intelligence, and charm. With a pedigree that includes the illustrious Dixieland Rusty, Sage embodies the best of Texas's proud breeding traditions. Her combination of beauty and brains is unparalleled, making her a sought-after choice for discerning breeders. But it's not just Sage's lineage that sets her apart – it's her gentle demeanor, unwavering loyalty, and natural instincts that truly make her shine. Whether she's in the field or curled up by the fireplace, Sage's presence brings warmth and joy to all who have the pleasure of knowing her.
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Let's delve into the lineage of these remarkable puppies. Cash, hailing from the renowned No Mars line, brings with him a rich heritage of excellence. Combined with a touch of Hustler, Cash embodies the best of Idaho's breeding traditions. Sage, on the other hand, boasts a lineage that includes the esteemed Dixieland Rusty, a testament to Texas's proud breeding legacy. Together, Cash and Sage form a powerhouse duo, blending the best qualities of their respective bloodlines.

But what truly sets these puppies apart is the meticulous care and dedication that has gone into their breeding. For over 65 years, our breeding program has been driven by a singular goal: to produce dogs that excel both in the field and at home. We've carefully selected traits such as biddability, intelligence, natural prey drive, hunting instincts, pointing abilities, and retrieving skills, ensuring that each puppy embodies the essence of a perfect companion.

Our puppies aren't just pedigrees on paper - they're living proof of our commitment to excellence. With nearly 1000 puppies placed in homes across the country, we've built a reputation for producing exceptional dogs that exceed expectations. Whether it's lounging on the couch during Friday night football games or hitting the field for a weekend of adventure, these puppies are ready for anything.

What's more, these puppies aren't limited to a single role. From detection work to surfing to therapy, our dogs have proven their versatility time and time again. With the right training and guidance, these puppies have the potential to excel in any endeavor you choose.

As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of this extraordinary litter, we invite you to join us on this journey of love and companionship. Whether you're a seasoned dog owner or embarking on this adventure for the first time, we're confident that these puppies will bring immeasurable joy to your life.

So mark your calendars for March 20th, 2024, and get ready to welcome the newest members of your family. With their boundless energy, intelligence, and affection, these puppies are sure to steal your heart from the moment you meet them. Don't miss out on this opportunity to add a touch of canine magic to your life - reserve your puppy today and embark on a journey you'll cherish for years to come.