Introducing the Vig X Sadie Litter of 2013: Exceptional Pedigree, Exceptional Promise

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of the highly anticipated Vig X Sadie litter of 2013! This breeding brings together two exceptional German Shorthaired Pointers (GSPs) known for their outstanding field performance, remarkable pedigree, and endearing personalities.

Sadie, the proud mother of this litter, boasts an impressive accolade as the 2011 Puppy of the Year on the esteemed East Coast field trial circuit. Her exceptional athleticism, unwavering drive in the field, and innate hunting instincts make her a standout among her peers. Beyond her field prowess, Sadie is also cherished for her affectionate nature and gentle demeanor in the home, embodying the perfect balance of sporting prowess and loving companionship.

With such prestigious lineage and proven performance, we have every confidence that Sadie's offspring will inherit her exceptional qualities and excel as top-notch bird dogs. Puppies from this litter are expected to display remarkable drive, keen intelligence, and a natural instinct for hunting from an early age.

Notably, Sadie is a littermate to the #1 National Shoot to Retrieve Association (NSTRA) Dog in the country, further underscoring the exceptional genetics and potential of this litter. It's a testament to the outstanding bloodlines and superior breeding standards that define our kennel.

As breeders dedicated to preserving and promoting the finest qualities of the GSP breed, we couldn't be more excited about the prospects of this litter. We anticipate that these puppies will not only excel in the field but also become cherished members of their new families, embodying the perfect blend of athleticism, intelligence, and companionship that defines the GSP breed.

For those seeking a superior hunting companion and beloved family pet, look no further than the Vig X Sadie litter of 2013. With their exceptional pedigree and promising lineage, these puppies are poised to make a lasting impression in the field and in your heart.

Contact us today to learn more about this exceptional litter and reserve your future hunting partner and beloved family member. Don't miss out on the opportunity to welcome one of these extraordinary GSP puppies into your life!

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