Beat the Heat: Summer Water Training for Your Dog

With the summer sun blazing down, it's essential to find ways to keep your dog cool and engaged. At Best Gun Dogs, we took advantage of the hot weather by heading to the water hole with our furry companions for a refreshing training session.

Late afternoon provided the perfect opportunity to cool off and have some fun. Loading up the truck with both dogs and kids, we embarked on an adventure to beat the heat. Introducing your dog to water during the summer months is not only enjoyable but also a valuable training experience.

As we arrived at the water hole, the excitement was palpable. Dogs eagerly plunged into the water, their enthusiasm contagious among the group. For those hesitant to dive in, finding a spot where the water is shallow enough to wade into can encourage participation.

While I opted to stay dry this time, watching my Brittany embrace the water with gusto was a joyous sight. With her innate retrieving skills and love for the water, she exemplified the spirit of summer training.

The experience left us all refreshed and invigorated, with the unmistakable scent of wet dog lingering in the air. Here are some snapshots capturing the fun-filled moments with my water-loving Brittany. Join us at Best Gun Dogs as we make a splash this summer, combining training and recreation to keep our dogs happy and healthy.

Teaching a dog to retrieve in water
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