Arizona Quail Hunting Adventure: A Week in the Desert

Last week, I embarked on an exciting quail hunting expedition in the scenic landscapes of South Eastern Arizona. Joined by a group of friends, we set out for a week of adventure amidst perfect weather conditions, eager dogs, and high spirits. While the trip was fantastic, unfortunately, the quail numbers were lower than expected this year.

Despite the diminished numbers, we managed to track down a few Scaled and Gambel's quail during our hunt. However, our search for Mearns quail proved fruitless, with reports indicating a significant decline in their population. Our base near Sonoita provided a picturesque backdrop for our hunting excursions, offering ample opportunities to explore the rugged terrain.

During our trip, we had the pleasure of crossing paths with renowned figures in the field trial community. Meeting Charlie Rose at the Field Trial was a highlight, especially as Robert added a new male puppy to our group. Additionally, encountering Ed Tilison and his impressive pack of dogs was a memorable experience, providing insights into the world of field trials.

Despite the challenges of the hunt, the trip served as a much-needed getaway, filled with laughter and camaraderie. I'm grateful for the opportunity to spend time with close friends like Robert and Kent, whose company made the adventure all the more enjoyable. As we reflect on our Arizona expedition, anticipation builds for the adventures that await us in the coming years. Here's to the next quail hunting adventure!

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