Boosting Puppy Confidence and Prey Drive: Proven Techniques at Best Gun Dogs

At Best Gun Dogs, we prioritize building our puppies' confidence and prey drive from an early age. Here are two effective methods we use to instill these essential traits:

  1. Encouraging Words and Affection: While your puppy is on point, sweet talk him and offer words of encouragement. Let him know he's doing a great job and stroke his back gently from head to flank. Lifting his tail and praising him with phrases like "that's it, boy" reinforces his confidence and motivates him to hunt harder and longer. Positive reinforcement plays a crucial role in shaping a puppy's behavior and boosting his self-assurance.

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2. Using Clipped Wing Pigeons: To ramp up a puppy's prey drive, we often utilize clipped wing pigeons. By clipping one wing, the pigeon can still flap around and create excitement without being able to fly away. This method serves as a jump start for a puppy's prey drive, especially if they need an extra boost. Allowing the puppy to chase, catch, and play with the pigeon ignites their prey instincts, resulting in a significant increase in drive and enthusiasm. While not every puppy requires this approach, it's incredibly effective for those who may not have been introduced to birds early on or need an extra dose of stimulation to fully awaken their instincts.
introducing Puppy to birds
By implementing these techniques, we ensure that our puppies develop into confident, driven hunting companions ready to excel in the field. Stay tuned for more insights and training tips from Best Gun Dogs.
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