Welcoming Our Newest Additions: Ruby and Luke from Wildrose Kennels

Introducing the latest additions to our kennel family—Ruby and Luke! These two adorable puppies hail from Wildrose Kennels in Texas and come with impressive bloodlines that promise exciting prospects for our program.

Ruby, our charming little female, and Luke, our handsome male, have been eagerly awaited for two years, and their arrival has us bursting with anticipation. With lineage boasting Dixieland and Rincon Slick Willy bloodlines respectively, these puppies bring a perfect blend of heritage and potential.

Luke, with his lineage rooted in Dixieland, embodies the traits of his ancestors with remarkable style and presence both in the field and at home. His pleasant demeanor mirrors that of our beloved Fritz, a testament to the quality of his bloodline.

As for Ruby, while still young, she inherits the strength and power of her parents, who are known for their impressive running abilities and drive.

Both pups will be nurtured and trained here at BestGunDogs, where they'll become integral members of our team for years to come. We can't wait to see the incredible journey that lies ahead for Ruby and Luke, and we're thrilled to share their development with all of you.

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