A Memorable Mountain Lion Hunt: A Testimony to the Thrill of the Chase

Drawing a mountain lion tag was a stroke of luck that led to an unforgettable hunting experience for me this year. With the expert assistance of Bosman Ridge Outfitters, namely Jeremy, Wade, and Rusell Gale, the pursuit of this elusive predator became a thrilling adventure that unfolded over several months.

Our quest began in November and culminated in February, marked by numerous encounters with female cats and one impressive Tom that managed to evade us with a daring leap over a cliff. However, the climax of the hunt came when we finally set eyes on the magnificent lion that I eventually harvested.

What made this hunt truly special was its proximity to home. Just ten miles from my residence, the scene was set for a memorable moment shared with my wife, son, and family. As the cat emerged from the tree and met my well-placed shot, it tumbled gracefully into a nearby creek, adding an unexpected twist to the conclusion of our pursuit.

Beyond the thrill of the kill, the real joy of the hunt lay in witnessing the prowess of the hounds as they tirelessly tracked and treed these majestic predators. For anyone intrigued by the spectacle of hounds in action, a mountain lion hunt comes highly recommended. It's a captivating experience that leaves an indelible mark on the soul, fueled by the relentless pursuit of nature's most elusive quarry.

In the end, my addiction to witnessing dogs perform at their peak, regardless of the setting, was only further fueled by this exhilarating hunt.

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