Mastering Recall: The Most Crucial Command in Gun Dog Training

Mastering Recall: The Most Crucial Command in Gun Dog Training

Welcome back to! Today, we're diving into another foundational aspect of our training program: the recall command. After exploring the heel command last week, it's time to focus on what is arguably the most critical command for safety and control: recall.

Introduction to Recall Training

Recall isn't just about getting your dog to come back; it's a vital safety tool used daily. Starting recall training early is key, and we incorporate it into routine activities to ensure it becomes second nature to our dogs.

Starting with Puppies: Making Recall Fun

We begin training puppies using a simple yet effective method:

  • Food as a Motivator: During feeding times, we use kibble to encourage puppies to come when called. Each puppy gets to participate in a fun "bouncing" game where they move between family members scattered around the house, receiving kibble as a reward.

Advancing with Check Cords

As puppies grow, we introduce a check cord in an open field:

  • Using a Check Cord: Puppies drag a 10-20 foot cord, and occasionally, we step on it to gently stop them and call them back. If the puppy hesitates or ignores the call, we use the cord to reel them in gently, reinforcing the recall with affection.

Formal Training: Incorporating Drills

As dogs mature, formal training integrates more complex drills:

  • Come, Go With Me Drill: This involves moving the dog in a zigzag pattern through the field. When the dog fixates on a scent or object, we use a combination of physical and verbal cues to enforce the recall. This includes a tug on the check cord, a nick from the E-collar, and a verbal command.

The Triple Cue System

Our approach uses three simultaneous cues to ensure effectiveness:

  1. Physical Cue: A tug on the check cord, which is attached to the dog's collar.
  2. Electronic Cue: A gentle stimulation from the E-collar to get the dog's attention.
  3. Verbal Cue: The command to recall, which the dog learns to associate with the physical and electronic signals.

Training Resources and Community Engagement

To see our training in action, follow us on Instagram or check out our obedience channel on Instagram and Facebook, Noble Dogs Training. Currently, we are showcasing sessions with a 13-week old puppy named Scout, using food luring techniques to reinforce the recall command.

Learning and Interaction

  • Interactive Learning: Our social media channels feature short videos demonstrating daily training routines with our puppies, providing a practical view of how we implement these strategies.
  • Community Q&A: For more personalized guidance, send us a DM on social media at Best Gun Dogs or Noble Dogs, and we'll be happy to assist.

Recall is more than just a command; it's the cornerstone of safety and control in gun dog training. By integrating it into daily routines and progressively building on simple cues, you can develop a reliable and responsive hunting companion.

Stay tuned for more insights, and remember, effective training starts with consistency and patience. Happy training!

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