Breeding Announcement: Luci's Journey to Idaho

We're thrilled to announce an exciting development here at Best Gun Dogs: our esteemed English Pointer, Luci, has embarked on a journey to Idaho to meet Idaho's Lucky Strike Ben for an exclusive breeding opportunity.

Rich Heaton, the proud owner of Idaho's Lucky Strike Ben, welcomes Luci with open arms as we aim to unite two exceptional bloodlines in the world of English Pointers. At just six years old, Ben boasts an impressive record as a six-time American Field Champion, making him one of the finest English Pointers in the western United States.

What sets Ben apart is not just his remarkable talent for finding birds, but also his endearing personality. A true hunting companion at heart, Ben thrives on the thrill of the hunt and cherishes the bond he shares with his human companions.

With Ben's class, style, and proven track record complementing Luci's exceptional qualities, including ease of training, natural retrieve, and impeccable pointing ability, we anticipate nothing short of excellence in the offspring they produce.

Our team is eagerly awaiting the arrival of these future bird dog champions, and we invite you to explore our planned litter page for further details and pedigrees. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting breeding endeavor as we witness the next generation of exceptional bird dogs come to life.

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