Meet Kobe: Our Young Dog Enthusiast and Training Assistant

Meet Kobe, the enthusiastic young helper who lights up our dog training sessions with his infectious love for dogs. As a family-oriented business at Best Gun Dogs, ensuring our canine companions are not just skilled hunters but also beloved family members is of utmost importance to us.

Currently, we're working with two adorable puppies, Duke and Jake, both of whom are available for sale—be sure to check out our puppy page for more details. What sets Duke and Jake apart is their gentle demeanor around Kobe. They willingly engage in check cord work with him, highlighting their adaptability and suitability as family dogs.

Kobe and I had a blast during today's training session, and we're excited to continue sharing our love for dogs and the joy of training together. Stay tuned for more updates on Kobe's adventures and the wonderful dogs we have here at Best Gun Dogs.

Jake on point
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