Discover Our English Pointers at Best Gun Dogs

Welcome to the English Pointer side of our kennel at Best Gun Dogs. Allow us to introduce you to Emma, the elegant white and black female, and Lucy, the vibrant orange and white companion. Emma hails from the esteemed Attitude High Finance lineage, while Lucy boasts her heritage from the renowned Elhew breed. Both dogs have been thriving in their training regimen and have brought us immense joy to work with.

Emma and Lucy excel in various aspects of training, showcasing their exceptional retrieving abilities and steadfast pointing instincts. They consistently hold their points with poise, making every training session a delight. Recently, I had a momentary loss of sight of them during a session, only to be greeted by the awe-inspiring sight of Emma and Lucy standing staunchly on point upon my return.

Witnessing these magnificent dogs in action never fails to take my breath away. At Best Gun Dogs, we take pride in our English Pointer companions, and Emma and Lucy are shining examples of the breed's grace, intelligence, and hunting prowess.

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