Embarking on Adventures: Meet Our English Pointer Puppies



Step into the world of boundless energy and unwavering enthusiasm as we introduce you to the newest members of our kennel, the English Pointer puppies from the Luci X Ben litter. These vibrant youngsters are not only stunning in appearance but also show promising signs of becoming exceptional hunting companions. Join us as we share glimpses into their budding personalities and future endeavors.

Exploring Potential:
Meet one of the enchanting females from our Luci X Ben litter, a beacon of beauty and grace in the making. As she grows, her inherent hunting instincts begin to manifest, evidenced by her burgeoning ability to retrieve birds and extend her points with poise. With each passing day, she inches closer to fulfilling her destiny as a cherished companion and accomplished field partner, poised to embark on thrilling adventures alongside her lucky owner in Idaho.


Introducing May:
Allow us to introduce May, a captivating female from the same litter who has captured our hearts with her endearing personality and unwavering determination. Destined to become a chukar hunting aficionado, May embodies the perfect blend of sweetness and tenacity, seamlessly transitioning from cuddly companion to intrepid bird dog in the blink of an eye. As she matures, we eagerly anticipate witnessing her flourish in the field and, perhaps, make her mark in the realm of field trials, where her boundless spirit and innate talents are sure to shine.

With each passing day, our English Pointer puppies from the Luci X Ben litter continue to enchant us with their charm, intelligence, and boundless potential. Whether it's retrieving birds with finesse or exuding charisma both at home and in the field, these young protégés exemplify the essence of the English Pointer breed. As they embark on their journey into adulthood, we remain steadfast in our commitment to nurturing their talents and fostering lifelong bonds with their future owners. Join us in celebrating the joy and excitement that these remarkable puppies bring into our lives and the adventures that await them on the horizon.

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