Welcoming Our Newest English Pointer Pup to Best Gun Dogs Kennel

Excitement filled the air last Sunday as we welcomed the latest addition to Best Gun Dogs Kennel: a charming female puppy. With eager anticipation, we look forward to the adventures and accomplishments this little one will bring to our kennel.

Kobe, our enthusiastic companion, couldn't contain his joy at the arrival of the puppy. His boundless energy and affection make him the perfect playmate and socializer for our newest member. Witnessing Kobe's exuberance as he races around the yard, encouraging the puppy to join him, is a heartwarming sight.

This delightful pup boasts impressive lineage, including National Champion (3xCH/2xRuCh) Attitude’s High Finance. Conversations with Rob Ashby at Ashby Kennels have further fueled our excitement, especially learning about the dam's remarkable qualities—personable with the family yet dynamic in the field.

As we eagerly await her growth and development, we're already envisioning the adventures that lie ahead in the field. Explore her pedigree here: Pedigree Link

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