Meet Rev: The English Pointer Training for Falconry in Utah

Introducing Rev, the English Pointer undergoing training here at Best Gun Dogs in Northern Utah. Rev and his owner, Steve, are embarking on an exciting journey as they prepare for a unique form of hunting: falconry.

Steve, a passionate falconer, has enlisted our help to train Rev to hold his point on birds. This crucial skill will allow Steve to release his falcon during hunts, enabling the bird to harvest prey without the use of a gun.

In just a few short weeks, Rev's training progress has been promising, and both Steve and our team are thrilled with the results so far. Rev's natural instincts and eagerness to learn make him an ideal candidate for falconry training.

As Rev continues his training regimen, we look forward to witnessing his development and success in this specialized form of hunting. Stay tuned for more updates on Rev's journey as he prepares to join Steve in the ancient art of falconry here in Utah.

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