Impressive Progress: Training the Elhew English Pointer

In our recent training endeavors, we've had the pleasure of working with an exceptional 1-year-old female English Pointer. Under our guidance, this talented pup has made remarkable strides in just two short months of training.

With a keen aptitude for learning, she has quickly mastered essential skills, including being steady to wing and shot, delivering retrieves to hand with precision, and demonstrating promising behavior in honoring other dogs. Her impressive performance is a testament to her innate abilities and the quality of her genetic lineage, which boasts esteemed Elhew bloodlines.

During a recent training session, this young pointer showcased her training and genetics in action. Despite facing a challenging scenario where she held her point for an impressive 15 minutes, she remained steadfast and composed. Even as we approached after a lengthy cast, she maintained her stance through not one but two bird flushes, allowing us to capture her poised demeanor on camera.

This experience serves as a shining example of the progress she's made and the potential she possesses as a skilled bird dog. With continued dedication and guidance, we're confident that she will continue to excel and fulfill her role as an outstanding hunting companion.

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