Precision Training: Enhancing Bird Dog Skills with Remote Launchers

At Best Gun Dogs, we've integrated remote dog launchers into our training regimen to address a common challenge: teaching young dogs to avoid creeping on birds. Here's how it works:

Once the dog is familiar with birds and their fluttering wings, we introduce them to the bird launchers. These innovative devices feature a spring-loaded trap that securely holds a bird. When the dog goes on point and we begin to approach, they often attempt to move, mimicking a real hunting scenario.

To deter this behavior, we utilize the remote launcher's quick-release feature. As soon as the dog starts to creep, we press the release button, sending the bird airborne. This swift action simulates the response of wild birds when approached, reinforcing the importance of maintaining point.

Consistent repetition of this exercise instills in the dog the lesson not to creep on birds. With each correction, they learn to associate creeping with the immediate flight of the bird, fostering a more disciplined approach to bird encounters in the field.

Join us at Best Gun Dogs as we harness the precision and effectiveness of remote launchers to refine our dogs' skills and elevate their performance in the field.

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