Teaching the Stand-Still Command: A Lesson from Dave Walker

Incorporating Dave Walker's wisdom into my training regimen has revolutionized how I teach my dogs to stand still on point. Central to this method is the use of a training collar, which allows for seamless communication with the dog without the need for verbal commands.

In the accompanying video, you'll observe me employing a subtle flip of the training collar, signaling to the dog to stand up and remain still—a non-verbal cue for "whoa." What's remarkable about this approach is its gentleness and effectiveness. By relying on the training collar and gentle petting, we avoid placing undue strain on the dog, ensuring a positive and enjoyable training experience.

This method not only cultivates obedience but also fosters a deep sense of excitement and engagement in the dog, making each training session a rewarding endeavor. As demonstrated in the video, once the dog has mastered standing still, we can progress to more advanced commands, such as remaining steady to shot.

Watch the video to see this technique in action and witness the remarkable results it can achieve:

YouTube Video: Stand Up, Stand Still

YouTube Video: Teaching Steadiness

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