Enhancing Bird Dog Training with a Quail Recall Pen: A Look Inside

In the midst of unpredictable weather, we've had to adapt our quail-raising techniques to ensure the birds' comfort and safety. With some of our quail temporarily housed in the garage for warmth, we're excited to showcase our latest innovation: the quail recall pen. Take a peek at our latest design and join us in anticipating its effectiveness this season!

One of the key advantages of using bobwhite quail in this pen is their natural tendency to recall others. By leaving a few birds in the pen, they instinctively call back their companions, allowing for efficient reuse in bird dog training sessions. As evidenced by my son Kobe's enthusiasm for feeding the birds, our quail recall pen is a family affair.

This past week, we deployed the quail recall pen on our property, focusing on flight conditioning and recall training. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when setting up your recall pen: ensure ample access to water and feed, verify proper functioning of the recall slot, and maintain a population of quail within the pen for effective recall training. Additionally, it's crucial to acclimate the birds to flushing and flying before introducing them to your bird dog.
Witness Fritz, our seasoned 12-year-old, honing his skills with the recall quail. This setup provides an excellent opportunity for older dogs to sharpen their instincts with minimal human scent interference. The birds, planted without human scent, naturally fly away if the dog crowds them, simulating the conditions of hunting wild birds.
Meet Duke and Jake, two eager four-month-old German Shorthaired Pointers, as they experience bobwhite quail for the first time. Their intense focus and excitement during the training session highlight the effectiveness of the recall pen in fostering natural hunting instincts.

Curious about how the quail recall pen operates? Check out these video clips showcasing its functionality, which closely mimics the experience of hunting wild birds. Our construction process utilized sturdy 2x4 frames, making the pen easily maneuverable with the help of two people.



Here are a few pictures of us building the pen we used 2x4 that we ripped in half for the frame. The frame is 48 inches wide 60 inches long and 24 inches tall. It sure makes it nice to move around with two people you can get it about any where.

How to build quail recall pen
How to Build a Recall Pen?
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