Experience the Thrill of Puppies Pointing: Meet Rose and Her Hunting Journey

Rose Pointing 

At BestGunDogs.com, we're passionate about nurturing the potential of young hunting dogs, and nothing captures the excitement quite like witnessing puppies pointing for the first time.

Currently, we're delighted to introduce you to Rose, a spirited young German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) from a local breeder. Rose embodies the enthusiasm and natural instincts that make working with young pups such a joyous experience.

With her robust build and abundant prey drive, Rose is already displaying impressive pointing abilities. It's a thrilling moment when the spark ignites in a puppy's eyes as they encounter their first birds, and Rose is no exception. Her eagerness to explore and her keen sense of scent make her a promising prospect for future hunting endeavors.

Beyond her pointing prowess, Rose also possesses a keen interest in retrieving—a crucial skill for any hunting companion. Her enthusiasm for retrieving is evident as she eagerly engages with her first pigeon, showcasing her potential to excel in various aspects of hunting.

Follow along as we document Rose's journey, from her early days as a playful pup to her development into a skilled hunting companion. Through our dedicated training and nurturing environment, we're confident that Rose will continue to blossom into a trusted partner for hunting enthusiasts.

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