Meet Trigger: The Eager German Shorthaired Pointer from Idaho

Meet Trigger, the newest addition to our training program here at Best Gun Dogs! Hailing from Idaho, Trigger has been with us for approximately three weeks, and he's already showing great progress in his training.

One of Trigger's standout qualities is his boundless enthusiasm and excitement for hunting birds. When he goes on point, he becomes what we affectionately call a "quiver dog." His back legs start to quiver and shake with anticipation, a clear indicator of his intense focus and desire to find birds.

Recently, Trigger had a memorable encounter with a bobwhite quail during a training session. He held his point for an impressive three minutes, all the while displaying his trademark quivering excitement. Witnessing his sheer determination and passion for hunting is truly a sight to behold.

As Trigger continues his training journey with us, we're excited to see him further develop his skills and become an exceptional hunting companion. With his unwavering drive and infectious energy, Trigger is sure to make a lasting impression in the field. Stay tuned for more updates on Trigger's progress here at Best Gun Dogs!

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