Chet's Training Day: Working Bob White Quail

Join us as we follow Chet, our aspiring young hunter, on his journey to mastering the art of working with bobwhite quail. Despite the challenges posed by the recent rain, Chet's determination and natural instincts shine through as he embarks on this important training session.

Chet's passion for hunting is evident from the moment he sets foot in the field. With his keen sense of smell and impeccable style, he demonstrates the potential to become a remarkable foot hunting dog. Despite the less-than-ideal flying conditions, Chet remains focused and enthusiastic, eagerly honing his skills with each new encounter.

In our video, you'll witness Chet's impressive nose at work as he tracks the scent of the elusive bobwhite quail. Despite the birds' reluctance to take flight, Chet remains undeterred, showcasing his determination and drive to succeed.

With his innate abilities and unwavering dedication, Chet is poised to make someone an exceptional hunting companion. Whether you're seeking a partner for upland bird hunting or simply looking for a loyal companion to accompany you in the field, Chet is ready to rise to the occasion.

Stay tuned as Chet continues his training journey, honing his skills and embracing new challenges along the way. With each session, he grows closer to fulfilling his potential as a top-tier foot hunting dog.

Experience the thrill of the hunt with Chet by your side. Contact us today to learn more about this remarkable young hunter and take the first step towards making him a part of your hunting family!

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