Unlocking the Potential of Brittany Dogs: Training Insights from Best Gun Dogs

At Best Gun Dogs, we've had the pleasure of working with some of the brightest canine companions, and the Brittany breed holds a special place in our hearts. In this post, we're excited to showcase the remarkable progress of Sadie, a young Brittany, in her training journey.


Sadie's intelligence shines through in her quick grasp of training concepts. With just a few sessions using the whoa post, she mastered the command with ease. Her responsiveness extends to other commands as well—she swiftly learned to kennel and heel, thanks in part to the enticing treats provided by my wife and son. Discovering Sadie's unique personality has been a joyous experience, and we eagerly anticipate hunting alongside her this fall, especially during our South Dakota expedition.

For a closer look at our training techniques, check out this video highlighting how to handle a puppy breaking point. Consistent reinforcement of returning the puppy to the point of scent can reinforce the importance of holding steady when birds are detected.


In addition to Sadie, we're also working with other promising Brittany dogs, Trey and Zoey. Trey exhibits a robust hunting personality, while Zoey's boundless energy and enthusiasm make her a standout. It's exciting to witness their development, and we look forward to seeing their potential unfold in the coming months.

Join us at Best Gun Dogs as we continue to nurture and celebrate the remarkable capabilities of Brittany dogs.

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