Training with Bobwhite Quail: A Key Element in Bird Dog Development

In this insightful video captured during the summer months, you'll witness the invaluable role of bobwhite quail in the training of young bird dogs. These quail, which are trained to recall back to the pen, offer a consistent and reusable resource for bird dog training sessions.

The video showcases the interaction between a young dog and the bobwhite quail, illustrating the dog's natural instincts and behaviors when encountering birds. By allowing the dog to self-teach and handle the birds, invaluable learning experiences are gained, contributing to the dog's development into a proficient bird dog.

At the core of our training program is the belief that exposure to abundant bird encounters is essential for a bird dog's growth and skill refinement. With the availability of bobwhite quail that recall to the pen, we provide our dogs with ample opportunities to hone their instincts and abilities.

Watch the video to witness the dynamic interaction between the young dog and the bobwhite quail, underscoring the importance of utilizing the right tools for effective bird dog training:

YouTube Video: Young Dog Working Quail

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