Best Gun Dogs Emma X Elite Elhew Snakefoot

Exciting news from Best Gun Dogs! We're thrilled to announce that Emma, one of our versatile and exceptional dogs, has been successfully bred to Jay, an esteemed frozen semen dog out of Hall of Fame Elhew Snakefoot. With this pairing, we anticipate a litter of puppies arriving in the first part of April.
Emma embodies the epitome of a well-rounded hunting companion. Her intense and stylish pointing, coupled with her impeccable retrieving skills and boundless energy, make her a standout in the field and at home. She effortlessly transitions between roles, excelling as both a skilled hunter and a beloved family pet. With a knack for finding birds in any conditions, Emma truly is a bird-finding machine.

Jay, hailing from Great Basin Kennels, boasts an impressive pedigree and reputation. Descending from the renowned Elhew Snakefoot lineage, Jay exemplifies top-tier hunting qualities. He possesses a classic pointing style, formidable running power, and an innate ability to locate game birds. Known for his natural retrieving abilities and sweet temperament, Jay consistently passes on these desirable traits to his offspring, making him a sought-after sire in the hunting dog community.

As we eagerly await the arrival of Emma and Jay's litter, we encourage those interested to reach out to Clarence at Great Basin Kennels for further information about Jay and his exceptional lineage. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting breeding endeavor, as we anticipate a promising future for these upcoming puppies.

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