Enhancing Hunting Adventures with Tri-Tronics Beeper Collars

Discovering a solution for tracking dogs in dense covers or vast terrains has always been a priority for me, which led me to invest in Tri-Tronics' new beeper collars. These innovative collars offer a simple yet effective way to locate your dog during hunting expeditions, especially in challenging environments.

What I appreciate most about these collars is their user-friendly design. With a straightforward on/off switch located conveniently on the collar itself, operating it is a breeze. Additionally, the beeper can be easily controlled using the remote of the shock collar, providing seamless integration into my hunting routine.

During hunts, particularly in areas with chukars, I've found the beeper invaluable for keeping track of my dog's whereabouts, especially when he tends to range far. While some may prefer the Garmin Astro GPS collars, priced at $400.00, the simplicity and effectiveness of the beeper collar suit my needs perfectly.

However, there are a few minor drawbacks to note. Adjusting the volume or beeper settings requires opening the collar, which can be inconvenient. Nevertheless, one standout feature is the hawk scream function, which emits a scream when the dog points, potentially preventing birds from fleeing. Though I haven't tested this feature yet, its potential effectiveness adds another layer of utility to the collar.

Overall, Tri-Tronics' beeper collar offers exceptional value at around $100.00, making it a worthwhile investment for hunters seeking a reliable tracking solution without breaking the bank.

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