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Jared, Thanks for giving me the opportunity to purchase Milo. He was everything you said he was and more. He is very well behaved and loves to hunt. Milo first California valley quail point were intense. ( please see photo). I am sure we will have many good field experiences to come. I will bring him back for his finishing training soon or when you recommend.
Thanks, Ty ______________________________________________________________________________________________
I had first contacted Jared in the spring about a puppy. We decided to wait. Jared checked in with me a few months later to see if I would be interested again. At this point we were ready. We had also contacted some other breeders. Jared was by far the BEST and most hands on breeder we found. One breeder wouldn't provide pictures..Jared did. Another breeder gave me her number to call her...Jared asked for ours and called US. When I asked another breed about the puppies personality she had no idea. Jared listened to what we wanted and were looking for and knew the right puppy for us because he KNEW his puppies!! He PERFECTLY matched us with our Axel. We couldn't be happier!! Thanks Genie Salzsieder ______________________________________________________________________________________________
Dear Jared,
The old expression that "You only get what you pay for" defiantly applies here . If i evaluated what the cost were to buy "Utah Nakota" and what kind of puppy i received I would say that i got the better of the deal.I now understand why you picked "Bestgundogs" for your Web Sight it truly applies to you. Thank you, Mike Kantor

Submitted by: Doyle Stogner on Aug 24, 2010
Jake pointing
I purchased Jake a 7 month old liver Male Shorthair. When I picked him up jared took me and the dog to the field and worked him on quail and a few pigeons. For a 7 month old dog Jake is a hunters dream. I took him out this past weekend to work him and he locked up on some quail and we shot a few doves over him. He went directly to the dove(approx 25 yards) picked them up and brought them to me and put them in my outreached hands. It doesn't get any better than that for a hunter and dog lover. At 7 months he is where most hunters would want a fully trained dog. He works well and stays close and comes when you call him. I used my shocker one time on a very low setting just to get his attention and that is all he needed. I think Jared's early training has made this a very good dog and I'm sure he will get better.

Submitted by: Leslie Burr on Aug 05, 2010
We recently bought a started 11 week old female German Shorthaired Pointer called Socks from Jared Moss at Best Gun Dogs. Although she is still very young, she loves the birds and has a great foundation for further training. This is the first dog that we have bought from Best Gun Dogs and I look forward to seeing how she does as she matures. So far I am very pleased with the start that she got before we purchased her.
Submitted by: Erik Ekberg on Aug 03, 2010
Our family has been looking for a great first dog and have been very pleased with our GSP from Best Gun Dogs. Jessie's (formerly known as Hershey) personality of a sweet and loyal friend has already come through at 9 weeks. She loves to play fetch, helps the kids cut the lawn and has even found a favorite place on the porch. Jared Moss was great in helping us select Jessie for our specific needs and we appreciate his efforts in starting to train her so our first dog experience starts out on the right foot. We look forward to taking her camping and fishing with the family and attribute her good nature to a wonderful team at Best Gun Dogs. Erik Ekberg & Family
Submitted by: Kaelin Porter on Jul 02, 2010
Jared at Best Gun Dogs was awesome to work with. He was very willing to work with us and make sure the German Shorthair Pointer pup we chose was the right match for our situation. We ended up with a well adjusted, well behaved dog, that is happy as a family dog and great to take out bird hunting as well. We could not be more pleased and highly recommend him. We will definitely contact Jared first when looking for bird dogs in the future!
Submitted by: dave heath on Jul 01, 2010
Snow Hunt
I've hunted with Jard Moss and his dogs for over 10 years. I can promise you they are the best dogs you will ever hunt behind. Having traveled all over the u.s and Canada hunting birds, i know that his dogs are the best. I would rather hunt behind them than any other dogs. Do yourself a favor and get your dog trained by Jared. Dave Heath Sportsmans News
Submitted by: Jon Lee on Jun 07, 2010
Bird intro
I have had the pleasure of training dogs with Jared several times and can't say enough about his dog training skills. Some people just have a way with bird dogs and you can't explain it. Jared has helped me a lot with training my brittany dogs and getting them ready for AKC hunt tests. We even co-own a young brittany now and I really enjoy his friendship. It is a rare breeder that can so quickly become your dearest friend. You can't go wrong with Jared and his bird dog training program at Best Gun Dogs. If you live within driving distance of Utah, you should consider paying him a visit.
Submitted by: David Clarkson on Jun 05, 2010
I recently bought a 3 month old liver puppy from Jared and she's already trained well. She points excellently and holds it very well. She gets along well with our other dogs. Overall he is really family oriented and good people. We stay in touch and I send pictures of the puppy to him periodically he is a very good trainer. ______________________________________________________________________________________________
I bought sadie a few months ago, a one year old GSP. She has been everything and more than I ever wanted in a dog. I have shot several birds over her and on every occasion she has pointed, held and retrieved to hand! Better yet she is a great family dog for my boys they can play with her and love her but as soon as we get to the field she is all business! Jared did a great job with her! I would recommend to any of my friends to look through best gun dogs before purchasing a dog!
Jason Thomas
Dear Jared, We have had a wonderful experience receiving our puppy at 5 months. He came to us in early August, 2011 by airplane into Seattle. We surprised our 8-year old daughter with this dog for her birthday. Jared was extremely helpful in sharing details of the personality of our dog, how he trained him, etc. Jared was most helpful in addressing our concerns about our puppy's adjustment and transition. We have a very-well adjusted puppy who is practically a celebrity here in the city. Multitudes of people stop to admire and pet him when we are out in public. We highly recommend Best Gun Dogs for acquiring beautiful, well-mannered German Shorthaired Pointers. Thanks, Lise Hewitt
______________________________________________________________________________________________ Submitted by: Randall Gorham on Sep 09, 2010
Black Jack
We bought a beautiful German Shorthair from Jared at Best Gun Dogs. He was 12 weeks when we got him and we have really enjoyed him. We have started working with him and he is so eager to please. He has a great temperament and is the perfect family dog. We have absolutely enjoyed the experience with Jared and Best Gun Dogs. Thanks a lot! Randall Gorham ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Jared I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how happy I am with my new dog Scout from Best Gun Dogs. Scout is currently about 9 month old and has exceeded my expectations (and my skeptical wife). Already Scout has been an excellent hunting companion thanks to the great bird training he received earlier this fall. To date he has successfully hunted pheasants, chukars, hungarian partridge and ducks (all WILD birds I might add). The GSP is truly the ultimate versatile breed! I attribute his success to a solid introduction to birds and a natural genetic drive to hunt. I am excited to see him improve his skills as he matures. My wife was very apprehensive about getting a typically wild dog to be around the house, but Scout has proven her wrong. He is a very good dog at home and is well socialized and behaved with all the neighbors pets and little children. I look forward to him returning to Best Gun Dogs this spring for additional training! Thanks again Rick White _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you so very much for the Female -Liver GSP she is outstanding, already pointing and retrieving to hand ,she was made for our family and the children love her…. You did a great job picking the pup for us, I highly recommend you and your dogs. It is great to have another Quality breeder that cares about the dogs and is breeding to better the breed not just breed for the Money/ pups.. You are GREAT JARED,AGAIN THANK YOU FOR THE WONDERFUL PUP> GRACE…….. Julie Norman Upland Hills Kennels ________________________________________________________________________________________________
Submitted by: kristy langford on Jul 01, 2010
I have watched Jared work with his dogs and was amazed at how well they obeyed his commands and saw the mutual respect for dog and owner. I have a lab and springer that Jared has worked with so that they can be part of our family. He did an outstanding job. My springer loves to Hunt and thanks to Jared's training He is a happy and loved dog. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ We took Zoe (AKA Socks) out for a hunt and did very well. She is a great pup at 5 mos, She is leveraging her great foundation with you and continuing to learn from us and my son's 5-yr old shorthair Sam. Eli hopes Abby, his new pup form you will come along as well. Thanks for starting great puppies! Regards, Leslie ______________________________________________________________________________________________
Submitted by: andrew vaughan on Jul 01, 2010
I recently purchased a started dog from Jared and cannot be more pleased. At 6 months old her training is excellent. I have greatly appreciated their commitment to not only my dog but in helping me learn how to continue the training. I would strongly recommend them if you are looking for a dog. ______________________________________________________________________________________________
My experience with Jared and bestgundogs.com was first class. Jared really went out of his way to provide me with excellent service. We worked together and arranged flight arrangements to fly the pups to Montana. He got the proper vaccinations for their flight. He drove to Salt Lake to Fly them to me. I received my AKC certifications in a timely manner. Overall It was a great experience.
Kevin Stevenson
Hi Jared
We took Sophie out on her first hunt this weekend. She did really well. She actually locked onto a pheasant right before breaking for lunch. Unfortunately everyone had emptied their guns because we were less than ten feet from our trucks. Thanks for such a great dog!
Enjoy! Irene Hodson
Just wanted to say thanks for all you did ensuring I received the type of dog I wanted.Aspen is great.Her temperament,bird drive and personality have amazed me.She is simply been a pleasure.Her personality has friends,family and people I come across asking where i purchased such a great dog.I tell them Jared Moss at Best Gun Dogs.Thanks Again Jared.Here are some pictures from her first sharptail grouse hunt,and some training sessions.I cant wait for this hunting season to start.
Scott Swallow and Aspen
CandyWe are so happy with our sweet girl ,Candy, that we got from Best Gun Dogs. We have had her just over week, and not only is she very good with our boys, she is very willing to please and is responding to training better than we expected. She comes to us from across the yard when we call to her, even when there are distractions. We are teaching her the "Watch me" command, sit command, and play hide and seek with her. She has a great temperment and is proving to be very quick in learning. We are expecting great things from her. Jared listened to what we were looking for and together we found the perfect fit for our family.Thanks Barbara
Hi Jared,
I wanted to send you some pictures of Pepper the black pup you sold us. He is a great pup and has a personality like no other dog we have had. He is great with our daughter Hannah and has fit so well with our family. He has great character and has already caught 3 birds in the backyard. We took him camping this past weekend and he did a fantastic job coming when called and staying right around camp. I'm so happy that we found your sight and we able to get him from you.
Thanks again,
Tom, Michelle & Hannah
Just wanted to thank you. I love my dog. Took her to the hunt club today and she was great. My friends was amazed. I'm no trainer but been working hard with her. She pointed and held 4 of 5 chucker and found all downed bird and retrieved to hand. She loves retrieving. SO Happy with her. Thanks again she is from Emma and jay. Named her ABBY plan to start trails soon. Perfect fit! Daniel S
Ruby on point ND pheasant
Jared, Here’s a couple of photos of Ruby on point while hunting in North Dakota last week. She is a great hunter and wonderful companion. Had a great hunt! Mark Larson
Bella was outstanding on being steady to shot she is farther along than any dog I've owned at this age. She was retrieving to hand a little hard mouth when the bird was flapping it's wings. Now that basketball is starting I have to find away to keep her on birds. Thanks for your help she should be an great hunting companion.
Thanks Aaron Anderson
Dear Jared,
Now that we've had Alice for a while, I wanted to write and thank you for her. Your craftsmanship as a breeder comes across strongly in your pups. Not only is she a beautiful, healthy example of her breed, she has a wonderful temperament and trainability. She is the perfect addition to our family and our farm. We look forward to years of great memories made with Alice.
Thanks a million!,
The Sepulveda family Neavada
Mclane and His GSP Puppy Hey Jared
Thanks for a great puppy the kids love him and her and she is already a great fit in our family!
Thanks Brandon B Arizona
Hunter and His German Shorthair Pointer
Hi Jared,We wanted to send you this picture of Ace and our son, Hunter. Ace is a great dog. He has a wonderful disposition. When we take him places, whether it be hunting, playing, or the vet, we always receive rave reviews about his calm nature. He also had an excellent first hunting season out here in Oregon.Thanks! Jeff and Beth Jackson
German Shorthaired Pointer puppy pointing Quail
Hello Jared,
I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with Llyod. He is such a natural bird dog with a great temperament. He's already pointing birds and where almost ready to go hunting after a few short moths of training.
Shane S Arizona
Best Gun Dogs, Absolutely!If you are looking for a German Shorthair Pointer and training, stop looking, Jarred the owner of Best Gun Dogs is your guy! His dogs are what every hunter or at least this weekend hunter, is looking for. That’s the short.My story started in October of 2011 when I had narrowed my search down to Best Gun Dogs and two other breeders. I talked to Jarred and sent him an email outlining exactly what kind of GSP I was looking for. Being somewhat naïve, my list was long and included traits like hunts hard but enjoys watching TV, is not a barker, within AKC standards but on the smaller side (I hunt out west for chucker, enough said about that), all kinds of important traits like these. I also inquired about his training methods and what books or DVD’s he would recommend. He answered all my questions, even a few follow-ups as well. About a month later, I locked in my order on a litter due the following spring and picked up my pup in July of 2012. During the next months, there were a few phone calls and texts asking all kinds of questions, all came back with answers. As he suggested, in March of 2013 I sent my pup (and a friend’s 3 year old GSP as well) to him for 2 months of training that culminated at the Dave Walker seminar weekend hosted by Best Gun Dogs. The very last exercise of the weekend was to shoot a bird for my pup as a reward, keep in mind my pup is 13 months old, once the exercise started she found a bird with ease and locked up on point. She was steady to flush, wing, shot and fall for two birds and then she was released to fetch, of which she did. Absolutely Awesome! As a weekend hunter that is all I can ask for. If you would like to talk to me more about my experience with Best Gun Dogs and Jarred please email me at jeffblv@gmail.com, in the mean time good hunting.
Jeff Brook Nevada
GSP Puppy GSP Puppy
First of all I would like to thank you for an amazing puppy, Dixie, we got her out of the vig and sadie litter. She is an extremely smart and obedient puppy. My one year old girl just loves to grab and pull eat her hide up, and Dixie just lays there and takes it. She is now about 5 months old and is retrieving to hand every time she stays like a champ and kennels very well. I am very excited about her.
Thanks Ben Rogers ___________________________________________________________________________________ Hey Jared, Thought I would fill you in about my pup, I picked up in March 2013. Count "Snoopy" Von Spunkernickle BGD. Son of Shooter & Chloe. The one with the heart patch. Very independent, explores everything, his name suits him very well. We did not hunt last year. He was too immature, I knew this was going to be the year. In the last 6 months he has come a long way . Opening day of club Pheasant season this year he was amazing pointed 4 birds (3 roosters and one chukar) my brother and were shooting 12ga's over him and he was awesome. The next weekend we went out with my dad who has two AFC, FC and MH GSP's and Snoop held his own and actually found and pointed more brds than the pro's did. I have started the green breaking process with the aid of my dad and some of his pro friends. I don't have the money or the desire to send him away for a month or so for training. So, I am doing it myself. He goes to work with me everyday and gets a lot of running time and park time. We are entering our first Hunt Test in about 10 days, it will be nice to see him work his way up the ranks to the ultimate of Master Hunter. He is a great dog. Nice breeding. I have been around GSP's for 51 years and this guy is bird crazy!! Thanks Again, Patrick Wickens